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Datatrics x Rhamnous

Create conversion-boosting customer profiles with Datatrics for Rhamnous 

Setting up a new tool for your business can be a tedious task. Let Rhamnous take the weight off your shoulders by providing easy activation and integration. Not sure if a certain tool is right for you? We’ll help you test it out before you decide.

What is Datatrics?

Datatrics is an AI tool that helps you unify your whole marketing ecosystem. It brings together all your relevant customer data from different channels and builds 360˚ customer profiles, allowing you to develop automated personal connections with individual visitors, deliver personalised marketing and create relevant, omnichannel customer experiences.

Why use Datatrics for Rhamnous?

Datatrics’ Customer Data Platform (CDP) combines all your customer and visitor data from internal and external channels and brings it together in one place, for convenient and smart customer data management. Your data is cleaned, repaired, and structured so that it’s ready for analysis, segmentation and targeting based on behavioural and purchasing data. The tool’s reporting and optimisation functionality enables continuous analysis and improvement of the performance of your CDP.

Predictive 360˚ customer profiles

The results are predictive, 360˚ customer profiles that can be used for one-to-one personalisation across different channels and for reaching more lookalikes. One-to-one personalisation helps your business turn insights and profiles into positive customer experiences via a variety of channels, such as websites, email, and advertising.

Two solutions for optimum results

By choosing Datatrics for Rhamnous you can take full advantage of both the Datatrics CDP and the expertise of Rhamnous.

Rhamnous can offer either direct integration to leverage your customer journey and your campaign functionalities or combine Datatrics with the technologies that you are currently using, whether this is your own booking system, CRM, email platform or advertising tool. Datatrics will work as a added layer to make your existing tools work smarter.

Whichever option you choose, Datatrics for Rhamnous will help you leverage your data to connect your customers with the content they love, through the right channels, at the right time. Increasing your online conversions has never been easier.

Available for free

Datatrics for Rhamnous is available for free, allowing you to try it for basic use cases while exploring the possibilities to combine Datatrics and Rhamnous for your growing business.  

Together with our partners, we want to make life as easy as possible for you. By combining different solutions, you can take full advantage of our partner ecosystem. You can request a demo, start a trial, or consult one of our partners to learn more about our individual or combined solutions. 

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