Nemesis Group of Companies

Your quick guide to the Nemesis Group of Companies

Rhamnous is a proud member of the Nemesis Group of Companies, together with its partners Nemesis Software and Supreme Contractors. The group is led by Petar Tahchiev, who founded Nemesis Software in 2012 in Bulgaria, with the ambitious goal to create a future-proof, cloud-native e-commerce platform. 

Who is Petar Tahchiev?

Petar is an award-winning mathematician from Bulgaria, who worked as a Jakarta Cactus lead developer at the Apache Software Foundation and co-authored the best-selling second edition of ‘JUnit in Action’, which teaches readers how to achieve better software quality through implementing various testing strategies.

Besides his role as founder and CEO of Nemesis Software Ltd., he is part of the Maven development team and a regular speaker at some of the biggest open-source software conferences in the world, such as ApacheCON, JavaONE, SpringONE2GX, and SpringIO.

Petar has a passion for open-source technologies. He complements his proven implementation know-how with a pragmatic point of view to help organisations keep pace with the ever-changing needs of their customers. As an experienced leader in the tech industry, he has spent over 12 years delivering innovative digital solutions to some of the largest consumer brands and financial organisations in Europe, the UK, and Asia.

He has led digital teams and delivered technical solutions for clients such as Bobcat, Bridgestone, British National Lottery, Dr.Martens, Triumph, ASOS, LK Bennett, Moneysupermarket, Samsung, AVG, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

Nemesis in a nutshell

With Nemesis Software, Petar has built a cloud-native, scalable, and highly customizable application development framework. Nemesis is based on Java in combination with some of the latest technologies, allowing engineers to easily create sophisticated software architectures and build any specific business logic on top of them. 

Nemesis provides unlimited out-of-the-box functionalities, suitable for any application needs, whether it is an application development framework, commerce solution, content management or product information management solution.

Rhamnous in a nutshell

Based on the success of Nemesis, and with the use of its technology, a dynamic SAAS solution was brought to life. Rhamnous was founded in the Netherlands in 2021 with the conviction that innovative technology should be more accessible to end-users in a variety of business sectors. 

The Rhamnous Platform has a special focus on industry-specific services because each industry has specific software needs. Platform users become part of an ecosystem of trusted partners, including technology partners, resellers & referral partners, and strategic partners.  

Rhamnous focuses on innovative design and delivery processes through accessible design systems. Take the Rhamnous Figma App for instance, which automatically delivers your Figma design project to your Rhamnous website. The widget library is being expanded rapidly while apps for additional design software are being developed. Furthermore, Rhamnous has an extensive help center that’s growing as fast as its widgets, integrations, design templates, and many more features

Curious? Try out Rhamnous now or check out the Figma plugin

Supreme Contractors in a nutshell

Supreme Contractors is the third of the Nemesis Group of Companies. This global consulting powerhouse has offices in Europe and the US, serving a variety of industries, including financial, energy, business services, and consumer products. 

Their IT consultants have an average experience of over 8 years and are highly respected for their professionalism, expertise, and their ability to integrate smoothly into any workflow. They have over 50 successfully delivered projects and, in addition, have assisted more than a dozen SAP Hybris partners to achieve their project goals. 

Supreme Contractors are also known for their coaching programs that allow companies to work smarter and faster, grow their customer base, cut costs without sacrificing quality, and automate business processes.

Nemesis’ motto: people & planet before profit

The Nemesis companies share a passion for technology and challenging projects. By taking on the biggest challenges and working with the best developers, they aim for more than just great results and satisfied clients, they believe that there is more to business than profit. 

That is why Nemesis supports several charity programs through donations, raising awareness, and promoting volunteer work. By putting people & planet before profit, they hope to make a lasting impact that reaches beyond technology. If you are curious how Nemesis puts its money where its mouth is, have a look at the worthy causes they support