Figma x Rhamnous

Figma & Rhamnous, a better way to design and develop

Setting up a new tool for your business can be a tedious task. Let Rhamnous take the weight off your shoulders by providing easy activation and integration. Not sure if a certain tool is right for you? We’ll help you test it out before you decide.

Want to stay involved? The Rhamnous V2 Figma Plugin will be launched in September 2022, do you want to be part of the pre-release community and register for the release event? Sign-up here

What is Figma?

Figma is a free, web-based graphics editor and one of the most popular collaborative design apps currently available. It can be used entirely online without the need to buy a license or install any software. 

Figma offers a large variety of graphic design options, from wireframing websites to creating social media posts, logos, apps, and much more, though it was primarily developed for interface design and prototyping.

With its free version, you can create up to three active projects at the same time, on any desktop or laptop you want. If you would like others to view your creations, there is a special edition for mobile phones that allows just that. 

For complete beginners, Figma offers a choice of pre-made templates and once you get familiar with it, you can start creating your own designs from scratch. Figma is a great tool for showcasing your creativity and what makes it even better is that it supports collaborative work, so anyone can make changes to a design in real-time. 

How does the Rhamnous plugin for Figma work?

Rhamnous has developed a convenient Figma plugin that allows you to link Figma directly to your Rhamnous backend console. 

With the initial version of the plugin, the Rhamnous V1 Figma Plugin, you can easily create your own wireframe websites. It offers an export functionality into CVS file format, allowing you to export data, including images, to the media folder of your Rhamnous backend console in the format you need. 

Once you have created a design in Figma, you can extract and import it to your Rhamnous website. It will keep the same structure, including all details such as widgets, background colours, and much more. After the import, you can finetune it directly on your Rhamnous website. It will take very little time and effort to finalise a Rhamnous Starter or Pro website, but a Rhamnous Custom website will require some more work. With Figma, you will be able to launch approximately 30 to 60% of your overall Rhamnous website.

Our designers and developers, together with our success teams for partners and customers, are ready to help you leverage the Rhamnous V1 Figma Plugin and guide you through the easy design development and delivery process. Once your project is ready, you will find it in the Rhamnous Cloud in the Instances section.

Though we are very happy with the V1 version, the V2 version is already in the making, with a planned launch in September 2022. It will offer even more awesome features and allow you to automatically launch an 80%+ finished Rhamnous website.

Why have we created this plugin?

While Rhamnous works great without Figma, we believe that the design and development of your website should be as streamlined and accessible as possible. That is why we offer a variety of ways to launch your website. In line with this belief, we are also working on other plugins and applications for design software. These are still in the making and will be launched shortly after the Figma V2 Plugin release in September.

You may wonder why we offer alternative website design, development, and delivery processes. It doesn’t sound like an obvious choice for a company that designs websites, we are aware of that. However, we want our users to truly benefit from optimised processes. If there are ways to enhance your level of design freedom and innovation, while reducing your costs and resource needs, then we are all for it.

Figma in particular is a great solution and very popular in our partner ecosystem. The growing Figma community allowed us to easily build a Figma community ourselves, so our partners and contributors can leverage the plugin and widgets library and access a range of design examples within the Rhamnous Figma community.

As our customer, you can benefit from being part of the design project as well. You’ll have access to the project in Figma, where you can actively participate by commenting, updating, and sharing while creating your own design. This way, we hope to inspire and support you as much as we can on your creative journey.

The Rhamnous V2 Figma Plugin will be launched in September 2022, do you want to be part of the pre-release community and register for the release event? Sign-up here